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Thousands of customers have chosen Plebani quality, some of them told us how it went:

I bought this stroller and I’m happy with it. It is light and practical to open and close .. I recommend it to anyone who has to go on a trip

Lucia89, Poni-go

Really comfortable, agile and compact stroller. It has all the benefits of a lightweight but with the convenience of a normal trio stroller. A revelation. Ridiculous price.
silvia v, Strolley

Excellent product, for its price it is very valid. I requested a specification from the seller who gave all the necessary explanations.

Robbie, Kit secondo livello

We bought the stroller for our 2 children (21 months for the first, 1 month for the second) and we are satisfied with it: the quality of the materials is good and it has that sense of stability which is essential to ride peacefully (this falls on the weight of the stroller, but it’s normal).
Removing the rear wheels (it takes a moment), it enters the trunk of small and medium-sized cars.
We give 4 stars instead of 5 for the handle as its attachment is not very rigid and to lift the stroller (e.g. step of the sidewalk) it is necessary to help with the foot on the axis of the rear wheels.

Giandi, Gemini

I am very happy with the purchase. First because this stroller, unlike the previous one, goes everywhere: the other had seats side by side and was too wide. Second, it has a very large storage pocket. Only one flaw: the seats have too low backs.

Cliente Anonimo, Gemini

excellent product, robust, very easy to assemble and, why not, also beautiful.
my twins are thrilled 🙂

Alessandro, Gurme

Complete, comfortable, light trio, it closes in a flash and fits everywhere. Solid structure. Finished seams. In short, nothing to envy to the € 700 trio.

Cliente Anonimo, D1 Trio

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